1. Click on Matters in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen.
  2. On the Matters List, click +New.
  3. Select if the Matter will be General or Bankruptcy.
  4. Select your Chapter.
  5. Select the Type of Matter. (i.e. Individual or Joint)
    1. Contacts with the Marital Status of Married will automatically populate options for the non-filing spouse in individual Matters and spouse information in joint Matters.
  6. Select a Debtor.
    1. If the Debtor is already a Contact in the system, then you can type the name in the Debtor field and select it.
    2. If the Debtor is not a Contact in the system, then click on the black magnifying glass and select +New to create a new Contact.
  7. Enter your Jurisdiction information.
    1. Fill in the Search by Zip Code field and click the Enter button on your keyboard to automatically populate the remaining fields.
  8. Click Save & Open.